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Охота на лося


You gathered for a picnic and look for a suitable place? Then you can go to the country. And if giving tired or it is not there? You can go to the forest, but then there is a number of organizational issues: the place, BBQ, table, etc. And if the bad weather? So, to cancel a planned vacation with friends?

So if you are looking for a comfortable place, and even on the picturesque shore of the lake, surrounded by forest, where you can have dinner or just a picnic, we are pleased to offer our spacious and cozy gazebo. It is located right on the shore of Lake Forest "Chervyatka." Unique design gives it its charm, and lures.


our gazebo is a log, one-story building with environmentally friendly materials and can accommodate up to 15 people. The advantage of our gazebo that no weather will not break your plans. Since the construction of which is covered, which will protect you in any weather. Many windows does the arbor bright and cozy. Through them you can endlessly enjoy the manifestations of nature.

Inside is a large wooden table and benches, comfortable accommodation of visitors. Also has electricity. Directly next to the gazebo located BBQ, equipped for cooking barbeque. During a barbecue outside, you can relax on a bench located in the vicinity.

Barbequing in the fresh air, you can always sit comfortably in the gazebo. Call us, request a gazebo on a specific date and time suitable to you.


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